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Catered Vacations
We’ll Have Amazing Food Waiting
at Your Ruidoso Vacation Retreat!

Savories offers a two-phase service available to our mountain visitors who really want to get away from the routine of day-to-day life. Clients may choose one or both of these services.

Let Us Prepare Your Meals & Have Them Ready for You: Savories Personal Chef Service will stock your home or cabin with delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that are ready to heat-and-eat. These meals are impressive dinners you would be proud to serve while at home or on-the-go.

You join the family fun. We’ll do the cooking.

We'll Do the Shopping: Call in or email your grocery list and house rental information and we will shop, deliver and unpack your groceries before you arrive. Our charge is the cost of the groceries and $35 per hour for our time.

EMAIL: chef@savories.net